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Course description Montpellier pdf


Course description Montpellier

Giving access to motivated students onto both undergraduate and graduate educational programs. Providing students with a high-quality educational experience in preparation for the competitive business worldCourse description Montpellier pdf  (including oral and written communication, problem solving and critical thinking), the application of knowledge and skills to emerging issues, technologies,Course description Montpellier pdf  and professional practices; Increasing the accessibility of our educational programs to French students, but also to international students in order to develop a deeper
appreciation for diversity in the global market place;
Providing students with high quality undergraduate and master’s programs embodied in responsive curricula; Delivering an interactive educational experience that makes students the center of teaching and learning and able to adapt to local, regional and international business contexts; Viewing faculty research as essential elements of high-quality instruction and student learning; Recognizing that the student experience, outside of the classroom, is an important contributing factor in the personal development of individual students; Collaborating with alumni, business environment, and other external communities; Preparing students for successful professional careers and a lifetime of ethically and socially responsible business management for the greater good of the local and global community. The Mission of the School is supported by the core values as delineatedCourse description Montpellier pdf hereafter : We value global responsibility standards. The faculty, staff, and administrators vaCourse description Montpellier pdf lue honesty, integrity, and dignity in our interactions
with colleagues and students and seek to act in accord with the highest standards of professional ethics at all times. For these reasons, we have decided to follow the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. We value our students. As faculty, staff, and administrators, we welcome the responsibility of working with students to facilitate their
learning in a high quality educational environment which facilitate the continuing process of gaining skills, information, knowledge and understanding through both individual and shared discovery.
We value the educational process. As faculty, staff, and administrators, we welcome the responsibility to develop and deliver high quality educational programs to students of GSCM.
We value the process ofCourse description Montpellier pdf  research and scholarship. As a business school, we are dedicated to the discovery, understanding, advancement and application of shared knowledge through relevant and valid research. We are also involved in the process of solving important business
problem and to disseminate this knowledge through teaching, intellectual contributions, and student service. We value the communities we serve. Consistent with our heritage as part of the Chamber of CommerceCourse description Montpellier pdf  of Montpellier, we recognize and
appreciate the contributions that the region of Languedoc Roussillon makes to the GSCM school in terms of students, resources, and opportunities for business to hire responsible manager as well as personal growth for each student. As faculty, staff, and administrators, we
seek to explore opportunities to share beliefs in the core values, purpose and mission of the GSCM in order to work cooperatively and disseminate knowledge to people in the local community. We value continuous improvement in all areas. We seek opportunities to update and improve our current educational programs and to develop new ones. In addition, we encourage faculty and staff to engage in activities designed to fully develop their professional talents and
skills with training and a mobility program. The School’s pride in delivery programs of the highest academic quality is shown in our dedication to continuous reviewing of all aspect of our academic activity resulting iCourse description Montpellier pdf n adjustments made where and when appropriate.

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