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The role of mobile in retail commerce en pdf


The role of mobile in retail commerce

The first study sought to investigate the role that smartphones were playing The role of mobile in retail commerce en pdfin consumer interaction with retailers and brands,The role of mobile in retail commerce en pdf whilst browsing or shopping across channels. This research established beyond all doubt, that mobile was playing an increasingly important part in the The role of mobile in retail commerce en pdf way that consumers researched, browsed and shopped.
Nine months later in May 2011, eDigitalResearch and Portaltech Reply carried out a similar study to
determine how smartphone use had changed and evolved. Results found that, in less than a year, there was a substantial rate of change in consumer behaviour and interaction with retailers via mobile channels.
This time, another 12 months on, we are once again undertaking new research to realise the importance and significance of this growth and truly understand how mobile is helping to fundamentally change the way we shop and browse. growth in mobile commerce, which is undoubtedly changing forever the way in which we interact with retailers, brands and one another. Results are showing that consumers are increasingly driving the mobile change and this latest set of results provides further guidance to retailers and brands looking to utilise fully this massive opportunity.  Smartphones are now a daily necessity for most and are used for a wide range of essential activities. Our research has shown a definitive move to smartphones being seen more as a lifestyle accessory, used to do anything from shop online, research information, find directions and check local weather reports.
When asked if they had completed a series of shopping related activities, finding product information,
purchasing products online and browsing retailer websites remain the most popular choices when compared to last year’s results. 40% of smartphone owners now say that they use their mobile to find specific product information, compared to 28% last year.
However, over the past 12 months, there appears to have been an increase in the number of people using their smartphones to compare prices in a shop. As more and more retailers begin to offer free-wifi throughout their stores, along with the anticipated rollout of 4G, and more brands encouraging smartphone owners to use their devices in-store with promotional material, we would expect this number to increase within the

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