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Commerce Models en pdf


Commerce Models


Consider a hypothetical example. ABC company sells automobile parts and XYZ company assembles these part and then sells the automobile to customers. XYZ company comes across the Web site of ABC and finds it suitable. XYZ therefore, requests for more information about Commerce Models en pdf ABCand finally, decides to purchase automobile parts automobile from ABC. To do this, XYZ Commerce Models en pdf Commerce Models en pdf places
an order on the Web site of ABC. Commerce Models en pdf After ABC receives the order details, it validates the information.
As soon as the order is confirmed, the payment procedures are settled. Finally, ABC sends an
acknowledgement of payment to XYZ and delivers the goods as per the shipment details decided
between the two organizations. Consider a hypothetical example in which a transaction is conducted between a business
organization and a consumer. A business house, LMN Department Store, displays and sells a
range of products on their Web site,  The details information of all their products is
contained in the huge catalogs maintained by LMN Department Stores. Now, a consumer, William
Ward, wants to buy a gift for his wife. He therefore, logs on to the site of LMN Department Stores
and selects a gift from the catalog. He also gets the detailed information about the gift such as,
the price, availability, discounts, and so on from their catalog. Finally, when he decides to buy the that provide a consumer to advertise and sell their products online to another consumer.
However, it is essential that both the seller and the buyer must register with the auction site. While
the seller needs to pay a fixed fee to the online auction house to sell their products, the buyer can
bid without paying any fee. The site brings the buyer and seller together to conduct deals. gift, he places an order for the gift on their Web site. To place an order, he needs to specify his
personal and credit card information on This information is then validated by LMN Department Store and stored in their database. On verification of the information the order is
processed. Therefore, as you can see, the B2C model involves transactions between a consumer an done or more business organization

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