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UK English Grammar en pdf


UK English Grammar


Can Do Cubes for English grammar is a creative resource offering a variety of games and activities for students to enjoy the learning of English grammar. No special UK English Grammar  en pdf knowledge of English, or teacher training, is necessary for the full delivery of this resource. As with all English language programs, Can Do Cubes should be part of a literature rich environment.
A set consists of 150 hardwood cubes. Every cube is laser engraved, with the words appearing on each of their six faces being grammatically related (for example, all parts of a particular verb, all pronouns, prepositions or nouns etc.). On some of the cubes showing regular verbs, the sixth face is blank; these might beUK English Grammar  en pdf  ignored or used by students to introduce their own, appropriate words. UK English Grammar  en pdf The most commonly used punctuation marks are included within the set.
Can Do Cubes acts as a link between the written and the spoken forms of the English language. Like the spoken form, individual words can be chosen, or taken at random, and combined with other words to form language „chunks‟. These „chunks‟ can be cut, extended, changed or corrected at will. Students are, therefore, encouraged to experiment freely with the language. Like the written form, the words can be placed together to reveal structures or grammatical rules, or simply to start a piece of writing or something that might suggest a subject for acting out.
When grammatically correct, Students should be encouraged to copy out their „chunks‟ or sentences. This way, mistakes are not recorded, only successes. Handwriting is practised, therefore, by concentrating on the formation of the letters and words not on whether or not the words makeUK English Grammar  en pdf  sense.
The cubes are a pleasure to handle, and naturally encourage conversation and comparison. As such, they are particularly effective in one to one, group or whole class teaching and learning situations. By stimulating the interaction of an individual‟s visual, auditory and kinaesthetic perceptual systems, learning is enjoyed and enhanced.

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