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Fundamentals of English Grammar: Interactive EN pdf


Fundamentals of English Grammar: Interactive


Fundamentals of English Grammar: Interactive (FEGi) is a multimedia CD-ROM
program designed for those studying grammar at the intermediate level. FEGi
provides explanations and examples of a range of grammar points through the use
of animated characters, as well as grammar practice through sentence-level and
contextualized listening, speaking, and reading exercises. The program is based on
the well-known 'black book' of the same title from the Azar Grammar Series. The
organization of the content in FEGi will be familiar to users of Understanding and
Using English Grammar: Interactive, a program reviewed previously in TESL-EJ
(Bouziane, 2005). FEGi is intended for use both in independent study or as a
complement to classroom instruction.  h page also has a Contents navigation bar for moving to any other part of the
current chapter (except individual exercises). Exercise pages also have a Charts
navigation bar that opens a pop-up window allowing users to review charts for the
grammar being practiced. FEGi has much to recommend it for use with English language learners. From a
pedagogical standpoint, the 'meat' of each main chapter--contextualized
presentation of grammar forms and a large number of opportunities to practice
them--is, of course, sound. One of FEGi's advantages, though, is that users are not
hidebound to the traditional language teaching sequence of 'presentation, practice,
produce' (PPP). For one thing, the 'produce' part of PPP is purposefully absent
here--the focus of the program is Fundamentals of English Grammar: Interactive EN pdf on practice, and all exercises are, to a greater or
lesser degree, examples of controlled practice. More importantly, however, there is
no requirement for users of FEGi to go through presentations of grammar before
attempting exercises, or, for that matter, to complete exercises on a point of Fundamentals of English Grammar: Interactive EN pdf
grammar after looking at its presentation. Users ar Fundamentals of English Grammar: Interactive EN pdf e, in fact, free to skip
explanations of grammar completely and pursue a more inductive approach to
practice by extrapolating from the numerous examples available in the grammar
charts, a point well made by Azar herself in a response (2006) to a review of her and
Koch's earlier Understanding and Using English: Interactive in this journal. To fit
personal learning styles, some users may even choose to adopt a 'trial and error'
approach to the exercises, simply experimenting with grammar knowledge they
already have in new and unfamiliar contexts. The program is well suited to this
approach, as all of the exercises in FEGi give users at least one chance to change
incorrect answers after the first try (see Figure 5).

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