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Analyzing English Grammar en pdf


Analyzing English Grammar en pdf


The past few years have witnessed a shift in reasoning in how traditional grammar should be conceptualized. This shift, I believe, has done well to naturally aid students in achieving a higher and more comprehensive level of language. The aim of this companion handbook is to provide an elementary introduction to recent developments in syntactic theory--particularly working within the framework of Chomsky’s 1995 Minimalist Program. More specifically, the handbook focuses on a theory called Feature Theory, as it has to do with basic levels of grammar. Although Feature Theory is Analyzing English Grammar en pdf an integral part of Chomsky's overall theory stated within the Minimalist Program, there is nothing inherent in the theory itself which should prevent it from being presented along side, say, other textbooks on the topic of grammar which in fact may correlate to other syntactic theories. In other words, the principles behind Feature Theory as presented herein are understood to be based upon universal characteristics of Analyzing English Grammar en pdf all languages--characteristics which transcend all common discussion of grammar. For example, recent work on Features has refocused attention on traditional  Analyzing English Grammar en pdf distinctions placed on Form Class Words vs. Structure Class Words: (and more specifically, Lexical vs. Functional Categories). The core of this text attempts to provide students with a good working knowledge of such features as they have to do with the more formal aspects of functional grammar, and to allow students to utilize this working knowledge to build 'syntactic trees' (diagramming) one feature at a time. Ultimately, the hands-on work will provide students with an inside peek at the multi-layered fine structure of grammar--starting with the more primitive, basic foundations of what makes a simple sentence to the unraveling of those finer grained features which form the makings of complex functional grammar.

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